Who Dis?

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Who Dis?! LIVE

A variety show that features its performers as artists first.

The Who Dis?! show has two distinct parts. The first part of the show is for the artists to perform their work. Then we close every show with a panel interview, during which we find out “Who Dis?!.” The interview is meant to introduceChicago to the artists. It becomes their space to discuss what it is like to be an artist with a disability. We will chat about the intersection of health and art, how much truth they put into their pieces, while asking if they feel a burden to address their health in all their art versus how it feels to create art that is not centered around their health.

In addition to featuring performers, Who Dis?! highlights a different organization every month that supports mental health, chronic illness, and disability services in the Chicagoland area. All show proceeds will be donated to that organization upon completion of the show.


A compliment to the Who Dis?! Live show, the podcast further explores and digs into the lives of artists who identify with chronic illness, mental health, and disability. During this 30-45 min show, hosted by Liz Komos, we explore who the guests are, and how their health intersects with their art. In this show, we have the opportunity to learn about each other's individual's history with health and disability culture, and hope to understand the how those experiences influence artistic expression. 


Liz's Mission  

It is Liz's opinion, in art and media culture, PWD are often reduced to stories about their disability or illness that focus solely on what makes us "different" or how we overcame and "normalized" and overlook the fact that we are so much more than our diagnosis/es. Liz created this space in an effort to liberate the performers and empower them to create a performance which celebrates all parts of them selves. They are encouraged to be artists first. It is her belief that we are all complex beings, and are much more than our abilities alone. If you want to create art and be featured on the Who Dis? Live show or Podcast, contact us! This show is for you. 

Our Team

 Liz Komos is the show creator and producer, she is also an actor and improviser living in Chicago, IL. She was born with a physical deformity and chronic illness. Growing up as a square peg in a world of round holes, she developed a passion to live earnestly and with a deep appreciation for every moment. Yet while appreciating all that is, she tirelessly seeks to improve upon and alter the landscape for other artists with disabilities. It is her goal is to create more access and awareness for others to express their true selves through art. Learn more about Liz by vision www.ElizabethKomos.com